QRP PLUS update #2


From: Byron8LCZ@aol.com
Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 02:37:32 EST


1. Does NOT have a RS-232 serial interface.
2. Does NOT have any way to select which sideband you transmit on for SSB
   although this is being considered as a new feature in a future ROM upgrade
   Digital modes using the microphone connector should work. This is not
   covered in the manual, so don't quote me. there is a mic gain poteniometer
   on the back of the QRP+.
3. Does have the capability for seperate transmit and receive antennas, but
   only has one SO-239 coax jack. How do you connect the other antenna, beats
   me ! Has internal jumper for selecting single or dual antennas.
4. Has 20 memories for going to cw or ssb portion of each band, but is
   difficult to change, with its 60 khz per turn tuning rate. You could be
   all day going from 30 to 2 mhz. (thats 466 turns of the tuning knob). It
   needs a 1 Mhz per turn tuning rate. perhaps a future ROM upgrade ?
5. The receiver is a single conversion superhet with a 6 pole crystal filter
   in the I.F. & a digital SCAF filter in the audio. the bandpass is 2.4 khz
6. The built-in shortwave receiver uses the product detector for reception
   has a 2.4 khz bandwidth. So shortwave listening is difficult and not high
   quality. The SW receiver is not even listed on the sales literature as
   a feature. Its great for WWV time and solar flux index numbers. The only
   other QRP xcvr with a SW receiver is the Agronaut II at over 1200 dollars.
7. The schematics for all five of the printed circuit boards are included in
   the manual, but are so small that they're not practical for adding
8. Draws 140 ma on receive. Draws between 1.0 and 1.5 amp on transmit with 5
watts output.

   Byron Johnson WA8LCZ Warren Michigan Byron8LCZ@aol.com


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