Re: RG174


From: Stephen Lee (
Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 00:13:46 EST

There was/is a company that makes coax connectors for RG174.

Company name: Automatic Metal Products Corporation
                Brooklyn, New York

The product line goes by the trade marked name of Wedge-Lock
Coaxial Connectors, US Patent #3,107,135. They are very small
bayonet mount connectors. The part number to fit RG174 is #6646.
That's the female side which, in this particular case, is also the
cable end.

Radar Electric, located in Seattle, Washington, has quite a few one-thousand
foot rolls of RG174 for sale in their wire department. I bought one roll
for $9.00 last month. It's actually just a little heavier duty than standard
RG174. Might be good material for making G5RVp antennas, hi hi.

Stay tuned,
Stephen Lee

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