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From: Stephen Modena (ab4el@Cybernetics.NET)
Date: Mon Dec 19 1994 - 03:54:25 EST

This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel compared to CW. :^)
> I can copy cw at 25 wpm so I am not "anti cw" but why not have a go at
> ssb once a month......if I can work malaysia and the carribean on 40
> meter ssb, I suspect its not impossible to work a few stateside ssb qrpers.
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> Dr. Rick Zabrodski BSc, MD, CCFP(E) * VE6GK
> Email: * NorCal 519 ARCI 7099 GQRP 8329
> Phone 403-271-5123 Fax 403-225-1276 * "Power is no subsitute for skill"
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After a lapse of more than 25 years, I thought to get my ticket again...and
could still copy 15 wpm. :^)

Nonetheless, I love SSB QRP.

I volunteer to co-ordinate the SSB QRP FOX hunt. Rick wasn't brash
enough to do it first.

I will offer a be announced (soon). Volunteering an additional
prize(s) is welcome.

Tonight I will scout 40 and 75 discover reasonable holes.

I propose that the FOX must offer a 40 Meter session or sessions covering
at least one hour.

I further propose that the FOX offer an *optional* 75 Meter session(s)
for the sake of stations closeby the FOX. Unlike the CW segment of
40 M, the phone band propagates differently :^) to wit: by 8:00 pm
EST, skip goes right over the heads of WMass from NC, for example.

I will announce a session for this week...maybe Thursday night. If we're
going to roll it out, better to start now. Besides, if there is a low
turn out 'cuz of the holidays, I won't feel bad. I know I have a
good signal on 40 and a good one on 75. Peanut power is my forte! :^)

Sorry Novice and Tech+ ops: this is why you should think of upgrading. :^)

Of course, an added feature of both 40 and 75 is the subdivision of
those bands into General-Advanced-Extra. They seem to get quieter
and less raucous in that order...especially on 75. ;^) Another
good reason to think about upgrading.

So, clearly, the FOX must offer at least one reasonable length session
somewhere in the General segment of 40...and ditto if the option of
a 75 M session is taken. As an incentive to upgrading, additional
shorter sessions (optional) are allowed for the Advanced and Extra
segments....let's say that if you want to run an Extra session, you must
also have an Advanced Session...but not visa-versa.

Why propose segment hopping? Three reasons:

      1) You will have to verify your clock against WWV, or you
         will be completely out to lunch. :^)

      2) On 40 the BC stations are killers...and the available holes
         may become hostile. :^) Lots of landscape on 75 is permanently
         filled--up band, and can be really hostile. Down band is less
         crowded, propagates better (really). Frequency hopping will
         increase the opportunities for maximizing the total number of
         QSOs with the FOX and the hounds...and inter alia for the hounds.
         We want to be sure that QRM doesn't kill chance of success for
         nearly everyone on any given night. (Think of what it would
         be like if we only hunted the CW FOX at 7.110+/- *every*

      3) Incentive to upgrade...face it, the real contesting gets done
         on 75 in the Advanced segment...and that's where the DX
         Window is (3.791-3.801).

Any further suggestions unique to doing it SSB? Any objections?

Fire away or forever hold your peace after lift-off. :^)

73/Steve/AB4EL   ab4el@Cybernetics.NET   in Raleigh, NC

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