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From: howie cahn (
Date: Sun Dec 18 1994 - 17:07:53 EST

On Sat, 17 Dec 1994, Steven Wilson wrote:

> We need to improve our QRP Philosophy for improved performance in this
> phase of our amateur radio hobby.
> ...
> I believe it is safe to say the two items that are the most important
> are the antenna and receiver.
> ...
> Just because you run
> QRP does not require you to use a sub-standard receiver. Instead of
> spending your efforts on a low sensitivity and poorly selective, low
> audio powered home brew receiver. Spend the same effort on building
> up a good QSK switching system with a quality xmit/receive switch for
> your existing commercial ham band receiver.

I agree that good antennas and having QSK are important but I'm not sure
that improving your receiver will help you get more QSOs. I know
conventional wisdom says "you can't work 'em if you can't hear 'em", but
not hearing stations is rarely the problem. I've used all kinds of simple
receivers, direct conversions, simple superhets, etc. and don't think I
ever lost a QSO because of my receiver. The problem is that if you're QRP
with a no-gain antenna you hear TOO MUCH. You hear a DX station at say, S5
with a pileup on him and you waste hours calling him when there's just
about no chance that you'll work him; even if there weren't a zillion other
stations calling. I say that the best receiver accessory for a QRPer is a
10 dB attenuator pad on your receiver input. That way you're more likely
to concentate on stations there's a reasonable chance of actually working.

73... howie

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