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From: Johnson_Dan@AAC.COM
Date: Sun Dec 18 1994 - 16:53:00 EST

Adam-N3RCS ( said:

> Has anyone had the idea of letting the Tech+ liscenses get 30 meters? It
> would be great - QRP equiptment is cheap, you can get more QSO's on it w/
> QRP, and it is a CW band. Plenty of practice to get the 13.

Not just Tech+, but the Novices should also be allowed on 30M. The last
WARC failed to get the megawatt carriers off of their 40M subband, and both
80M and 15M pose practical difficulties for a lot of them (ant size and
summer QRN for the former, propagation for the latter). Also, there's a
lot of ham culture on 30M that's hard to come by on the other bands, and
that would be a good influence.

If you agree with this and would like to send me direct email (not through
qrp-l), I'd be happy to print the messages and mail 'em to ARRL. We'll
never know if anything would come of this unless we try.

Would someone like to craft a specific rules-change request? Are subbands
on 30M necessary, or should Novices and Tech+s get the whole band? Do any
ITU regulations apply?

BTW, I have no self-serving interest in this except to support CW and our
newer hams: I'm not limited to any subbands.

72 de Dan, KC4EWT

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