Re: Astron RS-4A


Date: Sun Dec 18 1994 - 10:01:33 EST


Don't have a schematic; but I had a RS-20 with similar problem.....kept
blowing fuses when turned on. One of the transistors on the back heat sink
had shorted to ground. Besides changing the transistor I also had to change
the high wattage biasing resistor also. So much current had gone through as
to change it's value so the replacement would not conduct at first.

For peace of mind's sake I replaced both transistors and resistors. Got the
replacements from Newark Electronics. As memory serves, I think they were
Motorola 2N6336's??? ; but I'm probably way off on that designation. Anyway,
the transistors (if that's the problem in your case) are clearly marked.

Hope this helps and Happy Holidays!

73 de Larry N2ELW

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