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From: CEBIK@utkvx.utk.edu
Date: Sat Dec 17 1994 - 19:40:26 EST

By now, thanks to postings, everyone is aware that N8ET maintains a listing
of QRP clubs and AF4K maintains a very complete list of building materials
sources. I hope net members will send them all additions and corrections.

I also hope that both will post their lists periodically, perhaps with
updated information starred for easy reference.

One category missing from the information collection is available
publications (journals, magazines, series, etc.), with data on the general
scope of content, cost, and where to subscribe. The list might overlap the
club list a bit, but that is ok. It might also include non-QRP jurnals
with content that helps the QRP builder or operator. If someone has such a
list, posting it might be a big help to newer net members.

I wonder what other categories of information might be of use to net

I have also learned that many types of internet mail services do not
automatically contain return addresses. Hence, good practice is to close
something like this:


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