Re: Missed the FOX (fwd)


From: Craig LaBarge (
Date: Sat Dec 17 1994 - 14:27:21 EST

Joe, N2CX wrote:

> I listened for the FOX the other night and never heard a peep (bark?) from
> him
> either. However, I never heard another qrp-l'er. I heard several 0-land
> stations, a couple of 6s, the ever-present 5s and even a VE2 in addition to
> the usual foreign broadcast crud. I scanned 7110 to 7120 for over an hour,
> starting at 0245.
> Didn't hear '5FO, '6ULU, '4EL or any other familiar callsigns. The far out
> stuff was all I could hear on both my low angle vertical and (hopefully)
 < high
> angle low dipole. Same luck as I have trying to hear the 40 meter SEN.

I thought it was just me. I had about the same results. I chalked up not
hearing N2IPY due to just being too close for night-time 40 meters. However,
40 meters (after dark) has not been very good to me lately, even when band
conditions seem to be great for everyone else. I guess I can probably chalk
that up to my makeshift antenna having too high of a take-off angle on 40
meters or something. Oh well...given my rinky-dink setup and the
generally noisy conditions here, I'm lucky I can contact anyone! But, then
again, I did work Slovenia on 40 meters with the rainspout a few weeks ago...
Go figure!

My last stint as the Fox was a little disappointing, so I'm scouting out some
locations for a portable operation next time. Maybe with a real antenna I'll
have better luck!

For now, I'll continue to chase the foxes as best I can with what I got.

chirp chirp [Sorry Chuck, bad power supply here... :-) ]

73, Craig WB3GCK

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