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From: Henry B. Smith (
Date: Sat Dec 17 1994 - 13:02:17 EST

I have been following the qrp-l list for about two weeks now and have
really been enjoying it. Frankly I like having the mail in my mailbox
everyday because I know that it pertains to somthing that I am interested in.

I would like to put my two cents worth in about creating a news group.

I can understand that some folks can have problems sifting through the
list mail to get to the "legit" mail so I will address that later.

However, my main concern about making this a news group is that it would
be too easy to access. Now, before I appear too elitist, let me explain.

By making the qrp-l list available to the entire usenet community you
leave yourself available for postings by anybody who can operate a
keyboard. Anybody who can access a news group can post to the news
group regardless whether he is interested in the content or not.

Having been on the internet for some time now, I know that you will get
unrelated postings, some of which are commercial in nature and some of
which are infamatory in nature.

Since this list consists of folks who are mildly to wildly interested in
qrp, those who want to respond to it must first subscribe to it. This
extra step cuts down on a lot of the unrelated postings by non-interested

So, if you dont want bill boards cropping up in your back yard, dont live
on the super highway.

Now for the "tons" of email problem.

If you are using a Unix machine, such as I am, then perhaps you can use
the "filter" program.

The purpose of the filter program is to filter mail and do things with
it. One of these things is to put certain mail into a separate folder.
I use filter to put my qrp-l mail into a folder called qrp-l-in and I can
then check that folder separately. I do this for all of my mail lists.

It is fairly simple to do, you dont have to spend any money and it works.

Unless the qroup insists, I wont post the particulars about "filter", but
I will email the list of simple instructions upon the request of anyone.

I am at

I hope that this helps,

Smitty, NA5K

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