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From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Sat Dec 17 1994 - 03:10:43 EST

Joe, et al.
        I have had in my possession since 1963 an alleged WW2 'spy
receiver.' I don't know who the manufacturer was, but it is a small box
about 3.5 x 4.5 x 9.5 (inches) containing a dual-bander. Low tunes about
2.4 mHz to about 6.3 mHz and the hi band tunees 6.2 to 16.3 mHz. Circuit
is a superhet with 5 Loctal tubes (3 7V7, 1 7F7 and 1 7Q7. I think the
IF is at 455 hKz and the controls include a volume, bandswitch, tuning,
BFO on-off, and pilot light on-off. There's a headphone jack (1/4"),
ground and antenna terminals (both are one conducter screw type with
plastic knob), and three wires emerging for power (B+ 120v, filament
and ground). The box is painted black and the receiver has the
marking "SSR-1-G" in yellow matching the dial inscriptions, plus what
appears to be a serial number (G115). Anyone have any ideas about
whether or not it is the QRP Spy Radio's Joe referred to? An Old Timer
gave it to me, insisting he got it surplus after WW2, and that it had
been an OSS radio receiver! Recevier still works, bandspread is a
little tough, and it isn;t very stable, but it will dig out CW nicely on
80-40. 20 is not too sensitive. Any ideas from out there????

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