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Date: Fri Dec 16 1994 - 15:06:03 EST

1. I don't have anything to say about critters other than a sidenote from the
news. My family visited So. Cal. this year for vacation, and took a side trip
to Tijuana. Among the other tourist goodies there were stuffed painted
armadillos (who the H___ wnats one of them?) Anyway, several weeks after we
returned home, our government issued a warning on those armadillos from
Mexico. Seems they were painted with a lead-based paint. How or why would one
ever ingest one of those things?

Now the QRP content.

2. Chuck, you said


> Someone give us a report on 30M. Whoever spends their time
> QRP'ing up their in the UV band. :-) Relative to 40M that is.
> In fact YOU set up a contest on that band and run it...... :-)

Well, I've spent a little time on the band and love it. A couple of years ago
I put together a W7EL rig fo 30 meters and it's currently my only rig for that
band. My first QSO was with a New Brunswick station (VE1). Not dx, but had a
great QSO with my 1 watt. Probably close to 1000 mi/watt on my first try.

The folks there are pretty friendly and you don't have to contend with the KW+

Dave Ingram K4TWJ, CQ magazine and QRP book author extolls the virtues of 30
meters for portable and mobile operation. I've done both, finding that antenna
size is more manageable on 30 as a half wave is only 44 feet, compared to 66
feet for 40 meters.

Propagation is claimed to be a cross between 20 and 40 meters. Maybe so, but I
have yet to work any dx other than VEs. BTW, recently the MUF has been so low,
however at night, that 30 meters is not too usable much after dark except for
very local stuff. In fact, even 40 meters at times is marginal.

Occupancy is not nearly as high as the other bands. In fact, sometimes you
wonder if your antenna is connected. You can always check this out by tuning
to the middle of the band where there's usually a commercial FSK station (who
is it?). And above 10.140 there's almost always packet racket. The lack of
occupancy puts some folks off, but I see it as a benefit. I can always leave
the rx on 30 meters while I'm homebrewing without worrying about a morass of
junk to bother me. And, if I hear something interesting, I fire up the TX and
operate for a while. Doing this on 40 meters would be hard on the ears.

Last point: A real plus for 30 meters and all of the WARC bands is that
contests are not allowed. This means that you can ragchew or whatever there
when the other "low" bands are cluttered with QRO contesters. It also means,
Chuck that contests per se are off limits. Perhaps a 30 meter Fox Hunt could
be considered a "special operating event" rather than a contest.

Try it, you'll like it


Joe E. N2CX

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