Re: Critters!


From: Steven Wilson (
Date: Fri Dec 16 1994 - 10:08:30 EST

Hi Chuck, I operate 30 meters with a Cubic 103 and folded dipole antenna
built from open ladder line. It is really a nice band and a lot of QRP
stations. Just about any day or night you will work another 5 watt station
or less. Being in the mid-west can work both coasts and hear a lot of DX.

hv heard VK's in the early morning hours, but hv not been able to hook any
of those. I usually set the Cubic for 5 watts and have no problems, a call
for QRP sometimes is answered with more than one station. CW speed varies
all over the place from less than 10 wpm to 20 plus.

Try it some time, a lot of the QRP xmitter designs will work on 30 and 40
meters just by changing the caps in the low pass filter outputs to roll off
about 11 mhz in stead of 8 or 9 mhz.

73 es cul de stan ak0b

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