From: chuck adams (
Date: Fri Dec 16 1994 - 09:18:06 EST

How in the world did we get into this?

@ - "at" sign, a.k.a. circa-a

& - "ampersand"

! - "explanation point", a.k.a. bang in U**X world :-)

Now back to QRP work.

Two things that I thought were neat.

1. Other night worked an OM at age 76. He was running
    a single tube xmtr at 20W and using a two tube regen-

2. This morning before Ernie, the guy I was talking to in
    GA said that I was running the lowest power of any station
    that he had ever talked to in his entire ham career. That
    gives one satisfaction.

    I know you guys/gals know that I'm stuck at 0.95W for a while
    'cuz I find it a lot of fun. The OHR Explorer is tune for
    0.95W max out at 7.040MHz, but I find that when I go to
    the band edges 7.005 and 7.095 that the power out falls off
    due to the band pass and Q of one of the tuning circuits.
    It is supposed to be flat, but mine isn't probably 'cuz I
    did something wrong. Maybe the other Explorer owners can
    give me feedback on this. It's appreciated.

The 40M band has been great ALL night this week. Hope it holds
out for the rest of the winter.

Someone announced they were wanting schedules for 10mW QSOs and
I sent them back a message that I would be interested. I'm sorry
that I didn't write it down. My memory is rapidly fading. :-)

The record at the present time is more than 1,000,000 miles/Watt
on 40M. That means if you run more than 1,000 mile QSO at 10mW
you could be a new record setter. I had been thinking all week
about trying this out, but it looks like someone beat me to it.
Good luck. I may try to get on the LW sometime later in the
month a couple of nights and have a "special" fox hunt.

Anyone at anytime can run their own schedule, i.e. if you want
to try something special. We just probably don't want everyone
to announce that they'll be on the air on such-and-such a night.
We'd all tend to ignore those postings. :-)

Someone give us a report on 30M. Whoever spends their time
QRP'ing up their in the UV band. :-) Relative to 40M that is.
In fact YOU set up a contest on that band and run it...... :-)

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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