CB to 10m Conversions


From: N5EM@aol.com
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 17:46:15 EST

A number of years back, 73 Magazine ran what is probably the definitive
series on CB to 10 conversions. There must have been 6-10 conversion
articles on various types of radios. Further, SAMS Photofact had an entire
series on CB radios. The 73 articles, along with the appropriate SAMS
provides enough information to convert most of the radios of the times.

I will look up the list of articles from 73 for the QRP group. Most can
probably be found at the library. If other, more heroic methods are needed,
we can talk (hi).

As to 10 meter AM activity, I've been told by a SPAMer (Society for the
Preservation of AM to you less informed) that 29.000 to 29.150 is where most
of the AM occurs. I think a QRP calling frequency for 10m AM would be a good
idea. We are still a couple of years from good 10m conditions but, even now,
there are quite a few sporadic E and trans-equatorial openings. If you on
this past weekend for the ARRL 10m contest, you know what I mean.

If we start now, we could have enough QRPers monitoring a calling frequency
to provide some interesting times. Squelched CB radio on at all times when
in the hamshack to a dipole or ground plane. Heck, you could even use it for
CW sometimes!



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