Re: Kite supported antennas


From: Pete Hoffswell (pete@grfn.ORG)
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 16:04:53 EST

> >
> Hmmmm... obviously your group doesn't have any real sport kiting people
> in it. The American Kiting Association (betcha didn't know that hobby
> had an organization :-) ) has many rules which members observe and share
> with other to promote "safe" flying. One of them is to never use
> conductive material in a flying line!
> I can't remember the physics behind the rule, it's NOT just to keep folks
> from flying into power wires, but a wire-line kite generates some huge
> static voltages which increase in some proportion to the distance from
> the ground. Sounds like you got away without having anyone or your
> equipment injured, perhaps you were lucky, this time.
> I do not suggest that anyone try this.
I disagree. While it is true that it might nighyt be a good idea to
use a conductive material as a flying line, it should not rule out the
option of using a kite and line to support an antenna. Amateur radio
operators should be well aware of the dangers of power lines or static.

I think Kite support of an antenna is a viable experiment.

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