Chinese QRPer in US


Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 13:35:25 EST

I received this message from the Northwest QRP BBS.

  I am Jerry Meng with a Ham Callsign, BZ1FB (Bejing, China). Our local
group plans to design and build our own QRP rig for 15 meters. We plan to
use the MC1496 chip and crystal VFO. Hope to meet you on the air with our
own QRP rig! The frequency is around 21.125 Mhz. Until then, best 73 and
good DX.

PS. I will visit Chicago Motorola System Center on 10th January. Is anybody
there? I which we can have an eyeball qso there, Hi.

OK, QRP-L Interneters... Someone out there to put together a real American
QRP welcome for Jerry? There is no Internet address. If someone wants to
try to communicate with him, call the NW QRP BBS at 1-206-938-3804. If you
are not a registered user, log in as follows:
First Name: -Use your first name here-
Last Name: -Use your callsign here, not your last name.

At the main menu, go to the message section (M), then change to Area number 1
(general messages to anyone). Jerry's message is No. 86 and you will be able
to reply to it. Can't guess how often he might log in to check.

72/73 from Houston.

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