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From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 10:24:40 EST

I vouch for what Chuck discovered - there was a lot of QRP activity going
on in 1971 (close to 25 years ago) and having spent a few momnets
browsing through the reprints that Mike WB8MCQ made of the Milliwatt it
is AMAZING how some of the questions that we are asking today were asked
and discussed back then - boy what we can learn from history if we only
took the time - hi. What I found even more amazing is some of the
circuitry - things have not changed as drastically as we think in 25
years of QRP construction - sure we have new components like the NE-602
but the circuit principles are still the same. I don't think this is bad
since it is nice to "stop and take a breather" from this ever changing
roller coaster ride on the Infobahn and "re-educate" ourselves of some of
the principles - it will make for better designs.

So in addition to riding the Infobahn QRP-L , building new kits,
operating, etc take some time to do some reading and doing a little R&D
on subjects. Winter weather is ideal for this - just think how your
family would be if everyone was curled up around the fireplace reading
some classics like " The Joy of QRPing" or back issues of Ham Radio (I
agree it was the best technical ham magazine and the CQ Comm Digest does
not hold a candle to it after the CQ empire took over Ham Radio)...

And now for a hot toddy...


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