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From: weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 13:44:02 EST

                   Ohio University Electronic Communication

   Date: 12-Dec-1994 01:21pm EST

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   From: Gregory Weinfurtner Dept: Modern Languages
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Subject: 10mtr Contest results

Hello to all! Ten meters wasn't up to its solar-peak-best, but there were some
good openings to the south and west. (I'm in southeastern Ohio). I was able to
work KP4, VP2, /C6A, CA, AZ, OK, WA, IN, RI, WVA and Florida with 4 watts.
Propagation seemed to be best from noon to three pm local time (1900-2200UTC).
During this time I was able to work the west coast with only two watts! Antenna
is a three element TA-33, but even with this directivity, I worked a few off the
sides and various angles of the beam. I would be interested to hear from any
others who worked the contest. PS: I heard some europeans, but wasn't able to
work them.

Received: 12-Dec-1994 01:43pm

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