Re: Hombrewing dead?


From: Glen Leinweber (
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 11:31:10 EST

In <941208.155311.EST.MTHOMAS@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>, Mike Thomas wrote:

>Tom and all,
> I was attending a builders group the other night and the comment came up
>that only 2-5% of hams now have any interest in building these days. What
>does everyone feel about this? Has building kits/homebrew started to become
>a rarity among mainstream hams these days? If so what do you think can
>be done? I have several "store bought" radios, but get the most enjoyment
>out of using things I have built. Maybe those that do not build have never
>built anything before or have I spent too much time breathing solder fumes?

        Thanks for the invitation to get up on the soapbox for a bit. I've
been mighty happy, since joining this qrp-l group, to see so many hams
with hot irons busily building their operating equipment. Its also terrific
to see the success of QRP clubs - so many of which promote homebrew.
YaeComWood ought to be thinking "Uh-oh, we're losing it".

     Heaven knows, homebrewing is tough; when you haven't got the test gear
to troubleshoot your latest and greatest project; and when your knowledge of
electronics is a little shaky. Yes, we still need to support in every way
possible those who chose to build.

     Hats off to QST, who have always supported homebrewers.
     Hats off to clubs and organisations that do "club projects".
     Hats off to mailorder houses, who do "Orders for $25 or less".
     and as Chuck says, hats off to the qrp-l group, you're a terrific bunch.

In summary, I think the future is brighter than ever for the art of homebrewing.

     Glen, VE3DNL.

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