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From: David Moody, KD8NY (MOODY@Admin.Rose-Hulman.Edu)
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 10:08:29 EST

Well, I would really hate to see this group go completely to a
newsgroup. The way that our newsserver works, I might see the
message in a few (if I'm lucky) days.
I'm not against the newsgroup idea. Just the idea of that being the
only way in and out. Not sure how easy it is to do, but there are
newsgroups out there that are set up as a combo mailing list-newsgroup.
If you post to the newsgroup, it goes out to the mailing list
subscribers, and if you send to the mailing list, it gets posted to the
newsgroup. This to me would satisfy everyone (except maybe those who
would have to implement it). I agree that the amount of traffic on this
forum is very large and we all should do what we can to cut the bulk
of it down. (Hmm, should I send this, only adding to it?...)
I would much rather the traffic come to me through e-mail as I have a
program (PMDF DELIVER) which breaks up my incoming mail based on from:,
to:, cc:, subject:, etc. and moves it to appropriate mail folders where
I can look at it at when I am free, or needing just a change.

On to other stuff.
The 10m contest was interesting, to say the least. There were some good
band openings on Saturday into Africa, and then Sunday afternoon into
ZL land. Wasn't too bad except for a neon sign a block north that came
on at 4:30PM EST, and wiped out all but the strongest signals.
Oh yeah, was D2EGH (supposedly in Angola) for real. He seemed to be as
strong all of the time as those Greek (at least that is what they said)
stations back in the 80s that seemed strongest when you pointed your
beam toward South America. Hmm...

Just my two milliwatts worth.
David Moody, KD8NY/AE

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