Re: QRP ARCI Quarterly Back Issues


From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 08:27:28 EST

Chuck - I know what you mean about reading back issues and getting
side-tracked by other articles. By the way for folks who are not aware -
one of the best QRP (or QRO) article search tools I have ever used is a
software program by Rich Rosen and his wife (Rich was past editor of the
old Ham Radio Magazine) called "From Beverages to Oscar" (or something
like that. It used to be a softbound lookup book but they put it in a
datbase lookup software a number of years ago. The name of their company
for the software was Dit-Dah Publishing (probably got name ffrom Chuck).

The bad news is that i have not heard from them in a few years and don't
know if they have updated, or even still sell their software. By the wya
it listed ALL articles by topic, author etc on ham radio from CQ. QST,
73, Ham Radio (old) and RadCom. If you wnated to find everyting written
about the HW-9 then you typed in HW-9 into the search field and 8 zillion
articles on the HW-9 appeared.

Has anyone heard anything lately from Dit-Dah publishing?


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