Re: MFJ 9040 drift


From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 08:46:34 EST

Ron - I have a 9030 (late board - rev 5A) that also drifts. In my case I
talked to Stan AA5XO at MFJ and he said the drift was "normal" and I
should be happy :-) Well Stan (he's on Compuserve) is a nice guy but I
sometimes wonder about his technical prowness - so it may make a
difference WHO you talk to at MFJ - seems like you hit the right person.

I was about ready to drop Rick Littlefield a note for his advice but I'd
like to know if you can give me a quick helping hand.

1. Can you tell me what caps they sent you to exchange (C32, C33, etc?)

2. Were the caps NPO types (black dot on top?) I noticed that MFJ did
not use NPO caps in their boards. Having researched (like Chuck) back
issues of Ham Radio I noticed that Rick specified NPO caps for certain
applications. So I wonder if the caps you got were NPO's or just better
quality non compensated monolithic ones.

By the way for you MFJ owners, an intersting newsletter (club) is Joe
Falcone AA8HV "MFJ Nineties" club - he puts out a free newsletter (he
asks for writing contributions only) on the MFJ units. I got some tips
on power output, audio increases from there in addition to bits and
pieces I've seen in the QQ and the Colorado QRP Low Down club newsletter.

Thanks 72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

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