Re: RIT for the NE40-40/30-40


From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 08:38:30 EST

Hi Chuck - I also received my RIT boards for the xx-40 in the mail
recently, but have not got around to installing. I was curious, has
anyone seen a source for pots with a center indent for this RIT pot. I'm
wondering if you can eliminate the RIT switch by using an indented RIT
pot and having the RIT circuit always active. The only reason this may
be a problem is that maybe the RIT span is not linear for a center indent
and also maybe you need to add a compensation resistor to make the center
- "centered". So maybe this is not practical for a simple circuit - just
easier to switch in or out. By the way why do I want to eliminate the
switch - size (ps most add on switches to pots are NO so that will not
work - already thought about that method of including switch as part of pot).

Keep us informed Chuck of the RIT mod. I've been using it without by I
must admit I really do miss the RIT once in a while (leap-frogging is no
the best way to carry on a QSO - hi)


On Sun, 11 Dec 1994, chuck adams wrote:

> I got the RIT board from NN1G yesterday in the mail.
> Cute little board slightly larger than a postage stamp.
> Clean, sharp edges on the traces (not cutting sharp) and
> went together in nothing flat. Haven't installed it yet
> but will tomorrow. For $5 from NN1G, it's the way to
> get RIT quickly and efficiently.
> Just another satisifed customer. I think RIT will come
> with the two kits for the Fox Hunt.
> dit dit
> Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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