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From: Jeffrey Herman (jeffrey@math.hawaii.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 11 1994 - 23:06:18 EST

The following file was obtained from the ARRL email server. It
provides minimal info about converting CB radios to 10M {myself
and others on the list have asked about this topic in the past}.
The ARRL allows passing these files on to other as long as nothing
is edited - that's why the leading paragraphs are included...

Jeff NH6IL


>From info-serv@arrl.org Sun Dec 11 14:37:02 1994
Subject: INFO response: CBCONV.TXT
Organzation: American Radio Relay League
To: <jeffrey@math.hawaii.edu>

      QST ARTICLE BIBLIOGRAPHY - CB Conversion to 10 Meters

Thank you for requesting the following information from the ARRL
Technical Information Service (TIS) or the ARRL Automated
Information Server (Internet: info@arrl.org). ARRL HQ is glad to
provide this information free of charge as a service to League
members and affiliated clubs.

For your convenience, you may reproduce this information,
electronically or on paper, and distribute it to anyone who needs
it, provided that you reproduce it in its entirety and do so free
of charge. Paper copies of these bibliographies are available from
the ARRL Technical Department Secretary. Send a separate SASE for
each bibliography desired to:

ARRL Administrative Headquarters
Technical Department Secretary
225 Main St.
Newington, CT 06111

Electronic copies are also available from the following:

Telephone bulletin boards:

N8EMR - (614) 895-2553
ARRL - (203) 666-0578

Internet sites:

Info@arrl.org (E-mail only: Send an E-mail with the message text
                "Help" for instructions)

oak.oakland.edu (FTP - pub/hamradio/arrl/infoserver)



Article reprints can be obtained from the Technical Department
Secretary at the address or phone number below. The nominal
fee for article reprints is $3 per article, which you will be

ARRL Administrative Headquarters
225 Main St.
Newington, CT 06111
Telephone: (203) 666-1541

Back issues can be obtained from the Circulation Department at the
address or phone number above. Back issues are $5, and quantities
are limited.


Note: We have not done many articles about specific CB-to-10- meter
conversions. The following companies have advertised that they have
information about CB-to-10-meter conversions. Contact them direct
for catalog:

     CBC International
     PO Box 31500 AA
     Phoenix, AZ 85046

     Lord/Wyatt Communications
     G. Wyatt
     POB 030128
     Brooklyn, NY 11203-0001

Articles about CB Conversion

1978 July QST p. 26
               CB to 10 Meters

1982 January QST p.
               Sources of CB-Conversion Information

1983 March QST p. 20
               Modifying a CB-Board Synthesizer for
               Amateur Use

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