Re: DEC QST anti-qrp letter.


From: Joe Gervais (
Date: Thu Dec 08 1994 - 16:38:34 EST

Pete Hoffswell wrote:
> I will try to post the text of that article here, so you all can see it.
> So, who's going to write a response for publication in next month's
> QST?

I'd be willing to take a shot at it. I was also one
of those folks who started out with QRP and (gasp of
shock and dismay!) I didn't end up cowering in the
corner with tears in my eyes. :) At least to me the
letter made it sound that would be the consequence.

I don't remember the entire letter - wonder if that
fellow had *ever* successfully tried QRP. Probably
realized it took a little skill and went back to
fishing with dynamite. :)

7.3 de KD6PRD,


Still hoping to get enough $$$ together for a NorCal-40a!

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