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From: Johnson_Dan@AAC.COM
Date: Thu Dec 08 1994 - 16:39:00 EST


Bill - N8ET posted a much appreciated list of QRP club contacts. I would like
to join ARCI but found an inconsistency. N8ET shows:

    ARCI c/o Mike Bryce, 2225 Mayflower NW, Massillon, OH 44647 $12 for new US
    membership. Renewal $10.
In his Nov. '94 CQ column, "World of Ideas", Dave Ingram - K4TWJ lists several
contacts. For ARCI, he shows:

    QRP ARCI c/o Mike Kilgore - KG5F; 2046 Ash Hill Rd; Carrolton TX 75007

Chances are, these guys know each other, but which is the real McElroy?

For G-QRP, N8ET gives KG5F, K4TWJ gives David Jackson - G4HYY; Castle Lodge
West, Halifax Rd; Todmorden, Lancs, England OL14 5SQ. Perhaps KG5F forwards?

For the Northwest QRP Club, N8ET gives 2418 55th Ave. SW, but K4TWJ and a recent
RT Systems CD-ROM callbook give 4153 49th Ave SW; Seattle WA 98116. Did N7MFB

Michigan QRP Club addresses are the same in both places.

N8ET warns that his info is 6 months old, but it must be difficult to keep up
with these things. I'm just grateful that N8ET and K4TWJ bothered to share it.

Vy tu es 72 de Dan, KC4EWT

(Not fully entrenched in the culture, so I *hope* "72" is a QRP-equivalent to
"73", hi)

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