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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Thu Dec 08 1994 - 16:29:28 EST

Convert to a newsgroup? This subject comes up occasionally, gets
debated for a couple weeks and then quietly fades away. There are a
lot of pros and cons, lots of good points on both sides. Do a
newsgroup? I forget the precise command but I did it once--query with the command to get a list of all the mailing
lists this one host carries--hundreds, though I didn't count them--if
everyone with a mailing list went to a newsgroup, USENET would be even
more congested. By the way, something my sysop told me recently--the
ALT area is technically not a part of USENET, just something that grew
up and most USENET sites handle it right along with "valid" newsgroup
areas. One point brought up in the list/newsgroup discussion is the
difficulty and time involved in getting approval from The Big Honcho in
the Sky, a committee somewhere which meets occasionally and passes
approval on proposed new groups, how it took so long for them to even
have the next meeting, how we had to have soooo many people involved in
the list to make us "big enough", etc, very difficult process...and
then I turn around and see some of the interesting titles in the ALT
area and wondered how THEY could get something going so easily. As it
turns out, ALT newsgroups apparently do not go through any approval
process, or at least not The Big Honcho. That should be rather obvious
when you stop and think about it--look at some of the titles. As
humorist Dave Barry says, "I am not making this up"--I saw these two
newsgroups last week: alt.angst.shut.the.f***.up.pinkboy (no asterisks
are used in the actual title), and,hamster.ducttape. Got a kick out of
both, and apparently there ARE ways to get a quicker newsgroup if you
don't mind being grouped with the fringe element :-)
73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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