From: david (d.) burniston (
Date: Thu Dec 08 1994 - 08:20:00 EST

>Would be interested myself on what you hear. I have the 40-40 and
>have not built it due to time constraints here at the university.
>Have found myself president of the midwestern tissue culture group
>and now chairman of the department. So am waiting for Christmas
>Could you give me a name for the Norcal group? I would like to join
>myself. I do belong to the Michigan group and the New England group
>(behind the 40-40) and thisnk the Norcal goup would be aother good
>one to belong to.
> 73 de Tim WB9NLZ


You can join NORCAL by contacting Jim Cates, WA6GER, 3241 Eastwood Rd.,
Sacramento, CA 95821.

There is no charge for membership, but QRPp subscriptions are $5 per
year ($10 US for Canadian).

Each QRPp is 72 pages of solid QRP info and projects and is really worth

See ya...


Dave Burniston, Bell Northern Research Ottawa, ON Canada
ph.(613) 765-3579 email:
NORCAL 434 qrl? de VE3LFO/qrp

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