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From: Brian Carling (
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 21:26:00 EST


Nils Young WB8IJN writes:

NY>So maybe the Howes kits aren't for beginner kit builders.
NY>But you gotta start somewheres, and taking risks is part
NY>of learning. The nice thing about the Howes kits is simply
NY>this: if you're gonna take a risk, you'll be happier with
NY>a Howes than any other price-comparable and/or tech-
NY>comparable kits around.

NY>Simply put: I like Howes kits. They work for me. ANd I
NY>hope that I can save enough money over Christmas and my
NY>birthday (2 Jan 1946... a definite boomer) to get the 30
NY>meter project wrestled to the ground. 'Cause I'm dead
NY>flat positive sure that the Howes kits _will_ work.

Really lked reading your thoughts about the Howes kits.
I hope to see you on 30 meters soon. I work that band a lot.
It is a QRP op's paradise! 73 de AF4K,

 ~ SLMR 2.1a ~ Is it a ringworm on his face or is he just a Cardassian?

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