Another SIERRA working


From: Richard G. Kellner (
Date: Thu Dec 08 1994 - 00:56:50 EST

Hi all,

I put my NorCal SIERRA together this last weekend. Started about
Saturday noon, and was tuning it up late Sunday. The only thing I
had to do was remove 3 turns from the VFO coil to get it to tune
150Khz. I assembled the 40M module, and will do the 20M module next.
Got some coax connectors from Radio Shack today, and then tuned
around about 5 minutes tonight. Didn't hear any CQs, so I thought
what the heck, might as well forget good practice and call CQ with
QRP. Put out a quick one, and W5PRF came right back from OK. He
was running 100W and he was a good S9. I was running about 1.5W as
measured on my scope, and got an S6, so I guess that works out pretty
close - 18DB difference.

I didn't have the cover on yet, and was working with my straight key
right next to the rig on my crowded bench. So every time I moved my hand
near the tuning cap I heard a slight shift in freq. But Dick said that it
was a beautifully clean signal.

I have to add to all the other accolades - this a great rig! The kit is
much better than the Heathkits I've built, all the parts were there,
beautiful circuit board, clean design, great documentation, easy to assemble
and tune. And the performance is great - the receiver is a treat to use. And
it's hard to beat an immediate reply to a quick CQ. I know a great deal of
work went into the SIERRA, but all those involved can be really proud of it!

73 and thanks de Rich, W5RXP.

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