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From: Brian Carling (
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 15:41:00 EST


W4RNL (anonymous) writes:

CE>Suggestion: Newcomers (and many older returnees) may not know the numerous
CE>sources of information available on qrp, namely the journals to which he or
CE>she can subscribe, the kit- and rig-producers, the parts suppliers, etc.,
CE>along with any special procedures needed to get a subscription, catalog,
CE>etc. Hence, it might be good to see either a comprehensive list or a set
CE>of lists, each over a specific area, appear here about once per month to
CE>keep everyone updated. Once created by the list keeper, it should not be
CE>too much trouble to update and resend as a file on a regular schedule.

I have already put together some HUGE lists of almost ALL sources of
kits for amateur radio including QRP items, tubes, crystals, parts,
manuals, etc.

I will keep updating it, and I will post it as a group of messages
here to the QRP-L mail list today or tomorrow when I finish updating it!

73 to all - AF4K


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