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Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 20:02:47 EST

Not wanting to add to the bandwidth, I've often just hit the <delete> key
and continued through the volumes of mail that arrive. However, I want to
chime in with my 2 microwatts worth this time. I'm sympathetic with John
here: There is enough great stuff coming over the 'net through this group
that I keep hanging on. At the same time it seems that there are many
messages/conversations circulated to the entire group that should probably
be send as private e-mail. Examples might be a fair number of "me too"
messages that don't seem to say much more than that, or rather private
queries to a specific person that are sent to the whole group.

I mention this with conflicting thoughts on the subject; knowing that we
hams love to "read the mail" on each other, and one never knows what great
knuggets can be gleaned from the brief comments of others. It's sort of the
ham nature to just put our stuff out there before everyone, for all to
hear/see. Nevertheless, I vote for being a bit more frugal with our
postings...or take this ongoing community dialog to a usenet news group.

72 de KA9MDP/bob

>I am sorry to report that I have unsubscribed from the qrp-l.
>It is a very active group, and the technical discussions are
>generally pretty good, but the volume of mail was making it
>hard for me to find business related letters. I think the level
>of activity here justifies a usenet news group. Something to
>73 de N5CQU

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