From: david (d.) burniston (
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 12:05:00 EST


I've ordered from Micrometal before. They required a minimum of 100 of
any part, so a group of us ordered together, but they were very helpful.
The cost saving was worth it... A T50-2 which amidon sold for .65 was
.18 from Micrometal!

Good luck...

... Dave

Dave Burniston, Bell Northern Research Ottawa, ON Canada
ph.(613) 765-3579 email: qrl? de VE3LFO/qrp

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>I just called Micrometals these are the guys that make the T50-6
>and allthe rest of the powered iron cores that Amidon sells.
>I asked for a dealer in the metro New York area (I live in north
>Jersey) and they said they sell direct with a $25 minimun order...
>So I am going to order a pile of cores most usefull for all our
>radio projects and see what there price structure looks like....
>Happiness is having parts on hand.....
>72.22 Clark Fishman WA2UNN

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