Re: 40m "F" beacon


Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 13:41:03 EST

Re: Gxxx blurp blurp blurp ....

Since they have Gxxx callsigns my countrymen must be responsible for
these noises! They are very powerful over here, and on both 80 and 40.
There's one on 40 about where your 'F' beacon must be.

They are probably marine stations of some sort. I always thought that
both these bands were exclusively ham radio, but these are certainly some
kind of commercial station. We also get marine stations using usb on

Since the beacons have callsigns and fixed frequencies, I presume they are
legitimate, but if I get a chance I shall enquire of the RIA who are responsible
for controlling spectrum usage in the UK. (The trawlers on usb are alomost
certainly not legal!)

Jack, gm0rwu

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