Found the FOX - an almost lost him -


From: Bill Northup (
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 13:27:41 EST

After weeks of listening and never hearing the FOX I finally found one. I went
into the radio room and turned on the QRO rig that was tuned to 7040. As soon
as it came on I could hear N6ULU calling with a 599 signal ahh great. I turned
off the rig and hooked up power and a 40 meter dipole to my NE4040 tuned around
and couldn't hear anyone, only noise. After a little while I found a few
signals but none were the FOX.

So what next ? I move the antenna to the TT Century 21 and turn that on and
hunt around and still can't find the FOX. All this time the noise level keeps
getting higher. I can't give up now I have been looking for the FOX for far to
many weeks and not hearing anything. So I turn my Yaesu back on and look around
some more with the DSP turned on and finally hear a very weak CQ being called.
After a few minutes I hear the call and it is N6ULU - the FOX so I call (yes
I set the power to 4 1/2 watts) and don't hear anything for a while then I hear
the FOX sending my call and quickly send a 239 rst and think that I got a 229
back as the signal faded into the noise - never to be found again.


Bill Northup PHONE: (508) 460-2085 Stratus Computer Inc. INTERNET: 55 Fairbanks Boulevard Amateur Radio: N1QPR Marlboro, MA 01752 QRP-NE #307

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