fox hunting


From: Jeff Gold (
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 09:54:53 EST


well working 2 jobs most days and getting home late.. I usually
veg in front of the TV. Last week tried to catch the fox with no
luck. I really wasn't sure what this activity was all about and
kinda gave up easily.

had a bad day yesterday.. gave up on TV.. tuned in the earlier
portion of the fox hunt (after I did the complex time conversion
from West Coast to real time) but gave up easily.

at the time when Stan switched to 7.040.. turned on my HW9 with my
new PC-1 frequency display.. tuned around and heard Stan.. took
another minute to tune him in correctly. .he came back to me first

I think this activity is really neat.. good idea to promote some
of us old folks to get on the air during the week... thanks to
those of you doing this is appreciated.. next time.
.going to hang around and after I catch the fox..see if I can't
work some other internet people.

by the way.. I had Stan at 7.039.9 on my frequency display.. guess
that was close enough to the advertised 7.040 :) what you using
for frequency read out and equipment Stan.


Jeff, AC4HF

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