Re: 100 dollar rigs


From: Mark Monninger (
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 12:46:45 EST

Preston Douglas writes:
> ...
> I have ordered his NN1G for 40 because I liked
> the idea that his package includes the RIT board, and I certainly like
> the capacitor control for the VFO rather than a varicap as in the
> original QST version. ...

Be aware that the NN1G Mk2 kit from Dan's is not the rig featured in the
recent (November?) QST. It's designed by the same guy, NN1G, and has some
common elements, but it's not the same as the 40-40 (the rig in QST). I've
built both the 40-40 and a 20M NN1G Mk 2. The 40-40 was easier to assemble,
is only one board, fewer parts, easier to put in a box (mounting the air
variable in the Mk 2 with a vernier drive takes some fiddling) and the
performance seems (in my limited experience) to be similar. The 40-40 is also
about $20 cheaper.

As for real performance differences (NN1G vs 40-40), can anyone offer any

Also, what are the advantages, if any, of using a cap for the VFO instead of
a varicap? Or vice-versa? No flames intended, just wondering.

73.... Mark AA7TA

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