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Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 07:41:13 EST

Instant response from 9 hams within minutes of distribution of my initial
suggestion, and all in favor of something along these lines. N8ET has a
list of QRP clubs he will contribute. (Can you share that list, either to
me or to the list for newcomers, Bill? Can be either with or without
comments.) Are there other info lists to assist the compilation?

Please help with the following two questions:

1. What should be the breakdown of the list; that is, what are the most
useful categories. I have received word on needs in the following areas:
        Clubs Publications
        Kits Finished equipment
        Parts Accessories
The first few categories seem most natural to qrp-l interests, the last I
am less certain about, and I surely have not exhausted the list.

2. If compiled, maintained (with net user input), and periodically posted,
would it be better to post one master list or a series of lists by

While all of this is under discussion, I'll be glad to receive any
information that might go on the list, starting from scratch, that is,
assuming I know nothing (which is not far from the truth). If someone else
is already leading such an effort behind the scenes, I can always transfer
my files over to him/her. Please send any data to me direct unless you
believe it to be of direct interest to the whole list or a significant part
of it. Thanks.


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