Volunteering for FAQ (co-)editors job


From: RICHARD HIEBER (SZ0026@daphne.rrze.uni-erlangen.de)
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 04:43:35 EST

Hello Bill, hello gang,

> I asked the same question a couple of months back - and had offers from TWO
> people to use their computer facility for the FAQ. I have a list of QRP clubs
> that I will provide for the FAQ, and of course would gladly supply the
> adresses for Kanga US and Kanga Products (UK) ;-) for the start of a FAQ.
> After my initial inquiries I just p[lain ran out of time to follow up on
> it.... Are there any volunteers?? - I'll dig out my notes on who volunteered
> the computer facilities....
> 72/73 - Bill - N8ET
> Kanga US
> n8et@delphi.com

I was NOT one of the guys who volunteered back then, but I'd like to
volunteer now. Over the last months I built up quite a reputation for
being a QRP addict by relaying extracts from QRP-L to the european
Packet Radio network. This led to being asked by the president of my
local club to speak about the subject at one of the monthly meetings
next year. Looks like this will be already in February.

So I am already working on a concept how to present the topic. I have
a private archive of QRP related text files in excess of 2 MB on my
hard disk (don't cry for me to transfer them: they are mostly gleaned
from QRP-L :-). And I xerox copied all the QRP info that I could find
in the magazines library of my local club ... which only means there
are even more seductions along the way to finish my studies :-)

Being a full time student (EE) my time that I can spend on this is
limited, but I sure am interested to lend a helping hand. I am not
sure how important the aforementioned computer facility is to just
produce a FAQ file, but I have two privatly owned 486 computers with
DOS/Windows, OS/2 and Linux on them that I know how to use :-)

Best wishes es 72
Richard, DL8MFQ / AA8CP

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