Re: 40m "F" beacon


From: Arjen Raateland, VYH/vet, puh. 90-4028 350 (
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 09:58:00 EST

>On 12-02-94 wrote to
> > After a year of enforced wandering (read "no functioning radio")
> > from 40m CW, I've returned to the band of milk and honey. The
> > insistent "F" beacon is still there pounding out dididahdit day
> > and night near 7040.
> >
> > What is it, where is it, and who put it there? I have some
> > speculations...
> >
>Same for that one on 3517 +- kHz:
>GNI1 bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep
>(each bleep sounding like an AMTOR burst).
>: John Seboldt / I am Bach of Borg...

Actually there are a few more of these on 80 m. At least one other
such station also uses a GXXn callsign. I think I remember that I once
tuned such a station with a simple FSK-interface to my PC and got
legible text in an RTTY mode of the PC-program in between the Morse
code. Decoding the Morse code in the appropriate mode of the program
didn't work, because the recurring FSK upset the automatic speed
adjustment of this mode.


If you wonder, why on earth would one want to use a decoder for a 4
letter call at 5 wpm, I must say that I had just started learning
Morse. And anyhow I was only testing the interface (a single opamp)
and the program. In practice it only seemed to work with commercial
RTTY broadcasts like from the Tanjug news service. I've been at
learning Morse for a year now, but progress is very slow. It's hard to
find the time to practise undisturbed. I wish they'd taught Morse at

73 de OH2ZAZ, ex-PAoSCS
Arjen Raateland, Helsinki

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