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From: weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 11:06:18 EST

                   Ohio University Electronic Communication

   Date: 06-Dec-1994 11:04am EST

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   From: Gregory Weinfurtner Dept: Modern Languages
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Subject: 160 mtr qrp es misc

        I'm new here to this group and have been monitoring for a
week or so...this is a darn good group of QRP enthusiasts!
I have built a few QRP rigs in the past and I'm always
impressed with what a few watts of power will do.
        I worked the 160 meter CW contest last weekend with a
homebrewed rig, its not QRP, (100 watts SSB/CW xcvr, all
solid state except for a pair of 6146's in final) but, I
worked two QRP'ers! I don't have their calls, but as a
friend of mine (NC8V) likes to say, "Workin QRP on 160 is
real 'hairshirt'." Translation.:It takes a real tough guy
or gal to do it! Especially during a contest!
        I would be more than willing to set up sked for anyone who
wants to try QRP 160 for a contact SSB or CW (I QSL 100%).
I can back my rig down to QRP levels too.
        I have another QRP transceiver I designed and built that
runs about 5 watts on 30 meters. It has a Direct conv
receiver. The vfo hetrodynes with an 8.2 mhz (approx) xtal
up to 10.1 mhz. The final is a parallel set of 2SD414's and
can run up to 9 watts if I crank up the voltage.(Hate to do
that to the poor lil buggers!) Is there a QRP freq and time
to meet on 30 mtrs??? Post to net or e-mail me direct.

(weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu) Thanks! de NS8O Greg

Received: 06-Dec-1994 11:06am

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