From: R._Baker.VEN1@rx.xerox.com
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 05:31:49 EST

Fellow QRPers,

        after listening to another qso dissapear to the phantom qrl caller who
can't hear either side of the qso and has a KW to tune up for 10 minutes (why
does it always take that long ?), I decided to give the radio a rest and had a
read of one of the Amateur Radio magazines over here. I noticed an advert from
one of those companies that sell surpless equipment. One of the things in this
advert was an ex-military 10KW (yes 10000W!!!) linear amp. Now the following
idea is supposed to be definiately tongue in cheek and not a topic for lots of
list dicusson.

Apart from the obvious problems like where the hell do you plug it in ( I mean
this baby is gonna be drawing some BIG amps), I wondered if it would be
possible to build a small transmitter that sent only the letters "qrl" whenever
a button was pushed and hook it up to one of these things. Then whenever you
are having a qso and you hear the dreaded 599+20dB QRL? on frequency you only
have press the button, wait a couple of seconds whilst the QRO guy realizes
he's beat and then carry on the qso. While I was thinking about this I
thought of a couple of other bonuses of having one of these things in the

You could leave it on your favourite frequency all day sending qrl all the time
and then when you get around to using the rig in the evening you are guaranteed
that your frequency will be clear.

You can kiss goodbye to TVI with one of these. Just hook it up to a bit of
wire in the garden and start transmitting. Ten to one that your neighbours TV
catches fire with that much power around. Then with no TV there can be no TVI.

Whenever I operate in a contest I always start to feel like eating or having a
coffee just at the moment that the band is changing and those longer distance
stations are coming in. With one of these amps you could keep a coffee pot warm
on the top or even fry eggs on the casing.

If the central heating fails in your house you could wrap wire around the
building, load the amp into it and keep warm by induction heating. That is
assuming you don't mind the obvious health problems.

You could even take one on a boating holiday as a spare anchor.

Hey what about 160M moonbounce ?

You could take the smoothing capacitors out of the power supply and add a
nicely unstable VFO with an AM modulator that pulls the frequency on mod peaks
(about 350% modulation should do it). Then all you have to do it pick a
frequency around 7.050 MHz, play military marching music all day and hey
presto, you've got your very own SW broadcasting station.

I'm sure that after reading this you'll all want one of these wonderful things
too. I guess we'll all wonder how we got along without one. Actually
considering that the legal limit in G land is 400W I wonder who this guy hopes
to sell these these things to?

73 and Happy Christmas,

Russell - PA/G4ZRZ

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