10 mtr QRP AM Freq's?


From: weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 12:55:02 EST

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   Date: 06-Dec-1994 12:53pm EST

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Subject: 10 mtr QRP AM Freq's?

Hello... BIG QUESTION... is there a standard QRP
Freq for 10 meters? I have converted some CB rigs
to 10 meter AM and I was wondering if anyone has a
channel scheme for it? I have heard that it is
common to shift CB freqs up 2 mhz (for instance,
channel 1, 26.965mhz is moved up to 28.965) I
have yet to 'work' anyone who has done the
conversions, on the air. Doesn't seem to be too
common, I could be wrong however! It would be
nice to have a standard so these AM xcvers could
be "on Channel" for 10 meter QRP am. It sure
would give new life to those 23 chnl CB rigs...One
could mount one in the car and monitor a common
frequency for AM'ers.

Remember..."When in trouble, When in Doubt, Run in
circles, Scream and shout."

  73 de NS8O

Received: 06-Dec-1994 12:54pm

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