ARCI Holiday Spirit Sprint Results


From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 21:39:31 EST

Cam - Thanks to the ARCI and yourself for a nice little SPRINT. Some
info from me if you need for QQ:

VE2DRB 1994 ARCI Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint Results

One Band, One Watt, One Conversion, and One Shot - That was the
goal that I set for myself for the 1994 ARCI Holiday Spirits
Hombrew Sprint. I was home this year at my Montreal QTH and I
thought I would go "lite" for this Sprint - you know lose a little
"luggage" before the holidays bring me down. So I brought from
Newfoundland my little 40 meter (One Band) "homebrewed" Oak Hills
Research Spirit (rig was named after this contest) with it's direct
conversion (One Conversion) receiver. While I was at it I opened
the case and cranked down the power output to a wee bit less than
a watt (One Watt) to be fed to my full wave tilted horizontal loop
antenna. So all I needed to start the Holiday Spirit Sprint was
the "One Shot" and that came from the 40 meter propagation and not
from an 807 (this is a QRP event).

40 meters started out great, but I noticed the skip was mid range,
picking up from Quebec a lot of mid Atlantic states but skipping
over New England - bad sign for those multipliers. I did make
quite a few Q's from New Hampshire to North Carolina though. After
about two hours the band went "strange" - sort of like a big sled
getting in the way of my signal. The skip lengthened way out but
the noise on the band went from quiet to horrendous and just about
wiped out any further Q,s. Amazing what a setting sun does to the
propagation in the winter. I only made two contacts in the last
hour and that after calling CQ QRP until my hand went numb.

But is was fun and a nice way to start the winter holiday season.
It was a pleasure to exchanged reports with a lot of familiar QRP
calls (some from the Internet QRP list gang). In total: 31
contacts (21 ARCI members) and 16 sections for a grand total of
25,000 points. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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