The HB 40M VFO works!


From: Jeffrey Herman (
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 00:02:46 EST


Recall I was building my first non-crystal homebrew rig - it's the
40M VFO from QRP NOTEBOOK (vol 1), using a variable cap from a TV UHF
tuner (with the channel 14 to 83 dial still attached!). Well the
darn thing works and is amazingly stable (as long as you don't
breath on the tank circuit - even a slight breeze will shift freq).

It's not really operating on 40M though; rather, the range
is from 7800 to 8100 kc. I'll fix that to go from 7000 to

Before I build an amp stage for it I'll connect up the antenna and
see what I can do with its 10 mW output. Now get this: *If* I can
reach the West Coast from here in Hawaii let's see what the mile
per Watt ratio will be:

2000 miles / .01 W = 200,000 miles per Watt!!

When I get finished adjusting the freq range to a legal segment
I'll post a note on here so a skeds can be made.

Stay tuned.

.73 from Hawaii,
Jeff NH6IL

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