DEC QST anti-qrp letter.


From: Pete Hoffswell (pete@grfn.ORG)
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 15:18:56 EST

I finally got myself together enough to subscribe to qrp-l. I'm
quite impressed with the quality of communications found here.
As a novice, and home-brewing newphyte, I probably won't have much
input around here, but I did want to bring this up -

Did you all see the letter in December's QST magazine? This OM wrote
in with his anti-QRP musings. Ok, ok, so it's the same old stuff
we have heard time and time before, but it still pisses me off royaly.
My first rig was a 3w 40m qrp homebrew. I found it enjoyable and
extremely rewarding!

I will try to post the text of that article here, so you all can see it.
So, who's going to write a response for publication in next month's

Pete Hoffswell | |616-336-2304
Holland, Michigan |N9SSA |

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