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From: David Moody, KD8NY (MOODY@Admin.Rose-Hulman.Edu)
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 16:43:37 EST

IN%"" writes:
>You can consider the following remarks (A) arbitrary; (b) intuitive; (c)
>of the above--just as you like.
>But it seems to me that gain antennas have the effect of upping the
>power just as surely as does increasing the vcc on that final amp. Too much
>antenna gain, and it ain't qrp. I think also that the concept of qrp
>the presumption of a transmitting antenna that looks more like a dipole
>a Sturba curtain.
>Don coleman, W1VOQ

Yeah, but it also means that the power is well aimed to its destination.
Does that mean if I work someone off of the back of the beam, it would
qualify as QRPp???
Someone (no, I don't remember who) once told me that the QRP operator needs
the best receiver and antenna system that can be had. Actually, I would
say that the receiver part is probably more important as far the the QRO
operator is concerned. But, there are two ways of looking at QRP operation.

1) How little power is needed to carry out effective communications.
    This one may require monster antenna arrays to do correctly. Here you
    are interested in causing as little QRM to other stations as possible.

2) How little power is carried through the ether.
    This one may as well use a wet noodle, and hope that the other guy
    has a monster antenna array and super high tech receiver to pull out
    the small signal.

I enjoy QRP operation, whether I am loading up the guttering (sometimes),
using a dipole (most of the time), or using quad stacked monoband 5 element
yagis (hey, I can dream). It's just the challenge of how little do I really
need to carry out good communications. In this case I tend to look at the
tranmitter, receiver and antenna as separate parts, trying different things
with each just to see what can be done.
[ramble mode detected...editing output]

Well that's my two milliwatts on the subject, but I don't think that this
thread will die very easily. Oh well...
--David Moody, KD8NY

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