Update on downspout


From: Mike Robinson (miker@cc.com)
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 12:11:11 EST

A while back we were discussing rain gutters as
antennas. Mine works great! The vertical section
is about 16 feet tall, then the horizontal section
is about 30 feet. These are just guesses. Friday
and Saturday night I had QSO's with New Jersey,
Florida, and Mississippi. My Heathkit antenna
tuner loads it up nicely 80, 40, 30, 20 and 15 meters.

My regular rig is a Ten Tec Century 21 running about
20 watts.

I have a ground stake right next to the outlet at
the bottom. RG8M runs from the tuner and connects
straight to the ground rod and the gutter. No
frills, no spills. The house is new, so no corrosion
has set in yet.

The best part is the comments I get from the hams
I qso with: "Does the SWR go up when it rains?"
"I bet that antenna was easy to find." "Hey clean
out your antenna!"

These comments come after reports of 'solid copy'
579's and 'rain gutter doing FB'.

The gutter is in a plane that alignes east and west.
Radiation seems to be easterly, which is the side
that the vertical section is on.

7.3 de Michael aa0ub Morse code is serial digital human interpretable
miker@cc.com multi-media, multi-cultural and lots of fun!

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