40m "F" Beacon - SUMMARY


From: Mike J Pulley (Mike_J_Pulley@ccm.ch.intel.com)
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 14:25:42 EST

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     The "F" beacon on 40m is not a commonly known milepost to most of
     us like WWV, W1AW, or Radio Moscow. Of the 5 replies I received,
     only 1 ham besides me knew about it. I still can't report on the
     what-, where-, and who-ness about it, but the quest continues!
     Here's what we know so far about it.
     Not everyone can hear it, or at least they haven't noticed it.
     Eric, WA6HHQ, hears it in California most evenings like I do in
     Arizona. Comments indicate that it hasn't been heard in Texas,
     Hawaii, or in Europe.
     I hear it in Arizona at about 7039.5 kHz (on my analog dial) from
     local late evening to mid morning the following day (0300 -
     1600Z). Signal strength is rarely stronger than S-4. It sends
     "F" at about 5wpm without interruption or variation.
     Last weekend, I began correlating times when I could hear it and
     which other regions I could and could not hear at the same time.
     It's rudimentary DFing, certainly, but the best I can do with a
     humble multiband vertical. Eric in CA will use his 2-el 40m beam
     to get a bearing, too. Jeff, KH6IL, suggested building a small
     DF loop to get bearings, too.
     The beacon has become quite a mystery! Not everyone can hear it,
     which explains the lack of comments heretofore. Maybe other
     INET-ers will gather more observations and we'll home in on this
     Who else can hear it? Please email your observations and
     comments to me at Mike_J_Pulley@ccm.hf.intel.com .
     -- Mike, WB4ZKA

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