Dan's QRP Tuner


From: Mike Robinson (miker@cc.com)
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 11:13:01 EST

I started building (not assembling) the QRP tuner kit (there's a stretch)
from Dan's Small Parts and Kits. To call this a kit is a stretch. The
cabinet is a Radio Shack box with no holes drilled. The capacitors look
like they've been salvaged from something. The coil is a piece of PVC
fitting with #18 magnet wire provided. 2 SO-239's and 2 bananna jacks.
3 plastic knobs and a single sheet of instructions.

Not provided is the 'surplus plastic' needed to keep the capacitors
insulated from the case. The plastic rod to keep the capacitor shafts
from touching the cabinet. And the hardware to mount the SO-239's.

There are really only 3 phases to this project. Listed here in order
of shortest amount of time: wind the coil, solder connections (I'll
assume), drill and prepare the cabinet.

I bought this kit because I saw it listed while I was searching for
the parts to homebrew a QRP tuner. I figured, "It's all together
and it'll save me hunting time." The jury's still out on that weather
or not it's saving me time.

More news at 11.

7.3 de Michael aa0ub Morse code is serial digital human interpretable
miker@cc.com multi-media, multi-cultural and lots of fun!

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